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Highly seductive, exceedingly charming, and needing the feel of emotional closeness, you must have a reliable partner to make you feel secure. Loyalty is important, since you can be possessive and rather over sensitive to partners being anywhere other than by your side. Truth to tell physical sex is less important to you than being part of a happy settled family group. Too much one-to-one intimacy can make you nervous. Lady Cancerians often develop into rather matriarchal figures, who like to head the extended family tribe. Male Cancerians just want to have a welcoming home to retreat to. Your leisure activities always involve a large circle of fun friends, wealthy acquaintances and relatives. You like team activities but not too much strenuous activity.



Today's panchang

24 Aug 2019
  • Day:
  • Sun Rise:
    16:01:27 PM
  • Sun Set:
    5:23:43 AM
  • Tithi:
  • Nakshatra:
  • Yoga:
  • Lunar Month:
  • Rahu Kaal:19:22:01 - 21:02:18




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