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If your Life-Path number is EIGHT, the pursuit of money and status will be the most prominent for you. Those with a Life-Path number of EIGHT are often the most powerful, confident and materially successful people there are.

EIGHT personalities tend to be independent, competitive, practical and forceful when it’s necessary. Managing business, yourself and your environment will all come fairly easy. With an EIGHT Life-Path you are endowed with tremendous potential for conceiving far reaching ideas and further, with the tenacity to follow through on them. Key qualities/words for an EIGHT Life-Path are practical endeavors, status orientated, power seeking and high material goals.

It is common for EIGHTS to find they have little or no time for dreams and visions. They are more likely to be concerned with the down to earth affairs that are going on. This can add strain to relationships if others aren’t aware or accepting of your nature. An EIGHT can also become so preoccupied with the making of money that the family, the home and their own peace of mind becomes neglected. Taking appropriate time to allow for all things that are important can be a challenge but is also vital to the happiness of an EIGHT.

The life purpose for an EIGHT is to acquire money and to learn the power that comes with proper manipulation. It was once thought that the number EIGHT was one of ‘bad luck’. This is hardly the case. Luck has nothing to do with it for an EIGHT. Ingenuity, balance and hard work bring rewards.

It’s important for all EIGHTS to refrain from obsessive pursuits or from neglect of life’s other pleasures. It can be a challenge to find the right balance between ambition and relationships. However, careful planning and determination can keep life in harmony.



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