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If your Life-Path number is SEVEN, depth of thinking and the ability to gain knowledge from most everything will be something you’ve experienced since an early age. SEVEN is considered the ‘spiritual’ number and such qualities as intuition will be prominent.

Those with a SEVEN Life-Path are usually peaceful and affectionate. You may not have many friends as a SEVEN, but the ones you do have will be for life. You’re a compassionate and caring friend. As a SEVEN, you will likely be able to sense deception from others quickly and you’re not to be wrong. A balance between time with others and private time taken to be alone with your thoughts and dreams is essential.

It is common for SEVENS to be seen as aloof due to their selective socializing and required time alone. If the truth be told, many SEVENS feel a sense of insecurity. This may be because much of a SEVENS ‘reality’ is not tangible. You will rely heavily on instincts and intuition. At times this insecurity can lead to pessimism or loneliness. Mood swings are also not uncommon.

SEVEN personalities are generally reserved and analytical in their assessments of truth. As a SEVEN, you will need to find and draw your own conclusions with evidence before accepting other’s notions. Key qualities/words for a SEVEN Life-Path are analysis, understanding, knowledge, awareness, studious and meditating.

The life purpose for a SEVEN is to experience life to the fullest through learning and processing knowledge. Perhaps even more so, a SEVEN needs to learn how to trust in themselves and their deeper feelings about life around them. The development of a sense of security can be a life long challenge with periods of time that are marked with a lack of emotional stability.

The SEVEN that chooses to not get out into the world and to grasp all there is to learn, can become negative and selfish. An attitude that says the world owes them can also happen. To experience life at it’s utmost, a SEVEN must face their fears and insecurities and face whatever comes their way. There is much a SEVEN can give to the world around.



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