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If your Life-Path number is THREE, your life is likely to be characterized by the undying need for expression. This can take the form in conversation but also in the arts. Typically, the THREE has an above-average ability in some art form. This can encompass painting, interior decorating, crafts, writing, music, drama or all of the above.

Enjoying the company of like minded creative people is likely to be on your top ten list of pleasures. THREE’S are genuinely warm and friendly.

They make excellent friends by sharing interesting information and by actively listening. Entertaining in your home comes readily for most THREE’S as you can make everyone feel at home. With such a sunny disposition and openhearted approach, others will naturally seek out your hospitality. Key words for a THREE Life-Path number are expression, verbalization, socialization, the joy of living, the arts and travel.

As a THREE, you’re likely to be an entertainer either formally or within your social circle. You’re one of the effervescent, sparkling people in the world with an eternal optimism. Things will rarely get a THREE down. Setbacks will be just a part of the overall scheme of things and won't keep you from feeling positive. This exuberant demeanor and love of life can take a THREE to great lengths when creative expression is developed.

With this in mind, the THREE’S life purpose is to develop self-expression in a tangible, productive means. It’s important to nail down the artistic outlets that you thrive most in. The best work will be produced when a THREE focuses on their own personal expression and not what the market wants. This isn't always an easy path, yet it will be richly rewarding. Optimism is a powerful tool for the actively expressive THREE.

Because of the THREE’S innate love of fun and living for the moment, challenges can develop. It can be common to lack foresight and this thinking can bring about overspending, unexpected moodiness and unproductivity. Further, the love of just having fun can lead towards escapism. Scattered focus can create a situation where there’s a lot of activity without results. The THREE is wise to develop set goal plans and to learn solid balance between creative work and social fun.



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