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If your Life-Path number is ONE, your life is likely to be characterized by the need for personal fulfillment, independence, pioneering and individualistic desires. Key words for a ONE Life-Path number are attainment, initiating action, independence, pioneering, leading and individual.

As a ONE, your life purpose may well be to attain true independence. Learning to stand on your own two feet and to allow your own uniqueness to flourish will be of utmost important. Life circumstances whereby you find you’re dependent on others in any capacity will prove very unsatisfying and dismal. Many ONE’S struggle through many years of life to achieve the ideal environment. A follower you will never be – at least not comfortably! Throughout your life, working towards this independence will likely be your top focus. Recognizing this can help you to achieve greater satisfaction and bring you towards the truest nature of a ONE.

Once true independence is attained, the next natural step for you as a ONE is leadership. Many corporate leaders, Generals and political leaders are those with a Life-Path number ONE. Once the sense of freedom to lead and direct with your unique means is attained, innovation and creativity will flourish. Faith and trust in yourself and your abilities will allow you to lead with passion and certainty. Others will learn from you and be willing to take direction. Tempered with patience and the courage to promote your ideas, your brand of leadership will provide much for those who follow.

Tremendous strength is also associated with the number ONE. This is in both the physical and inner varieties of your personhood. This strength allows you to take charge of most any situation and to solve even the most challenging of situations. Chances are good too that you’ll do so with total originality. Many ONE’S enjoy a long life with excellent health.

Challenges for the ONE can include self-centeredness, selfishness and a sense of superiority. Over-confidence and impatience can also be present. While doing things ‘your way or the highway’ can serve well in some situations, you will have to temper this attitude to allow for effective leadership by allowing others to express themselves. The greatest challenge for the person with a Life-Path number ONE is dependence on others. Oddly enough, many find themselves caught in such circumstances and must struggle for the independence that is true to their nature.



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