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Men who like black color have a strict and a stern outlook. They never tolerate their defeat and always believe they are always right. They follow the stance of cynical mindset towards life and are very rigid in their decision making. They do not live amidst life’s luxury and spend most of their time in frugality. They have a set and a pre decided notions and can be termed as dogmatic. They have a highly religious mind.

Women who have preference for black color are not very happy with the proceedings of their lives. They remain within their own mindsets and are very reserved. They show severe mood swings and are not cordial towards their surroundings. They hardly socialize with others and is very unreceptive towards the concept of making friends or friendship.


Blue shade lovers are often unable to maintain a consistent and a recurring routine. But once they get inspired and encouraged they can even deliver a masterpiece in their area of expertise. They are very active but often their activeness reaches the extent of their impatience. These men also love to encounter change in their lives and seek variety. Inspite of lack of stamina, they often show a great zeal of being good strugglers.

Women who love blue color are emotional to the core of their hearts. They are great thinkers and very moody also. They feel elated and happy one minute and the very next moment they get disheartened. They also feel edgy during the times of crises and get intimated during demanding times. They have a fine and a balanced heart that loves one and all.
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Those men who love brown shade over other colors are steadfast and very strong in their decision making ability. Although they make their decision deftly and quickly, there is lack of originality in their enterprise. These men do not prefer to speak loud about themselves as they believe in leading a quiet and a simple life. They do not spend recklessly and are money savers up to the extent of being miser. They revere their sovereignty and self esteem.

Women who like brown hue are very bland and uncreative in their thinking. Although they accomplish their work in an uninspired manner but still are very efficient in delivering the results. They have tendency to lose their temper and cannot tolerate injustice or lousy manners. They accomplish their work with great honesty and truthfulness. They are religious minded and have a soft heart.


Those men who love grey hue are basically very sharp in their mind and possess high intellect. They are very hardworking, sharp in their perception and ambitious too. They love to take up and solve brain raking puzzles and other tough riddles. They have diverse knowledge and often can deliver a lengthy discourse on almost any topic. They have a sharp inclination towards intellectual topics but are not keen to take part are in any sport or physical activity.

Women who like grey shade remain quite and somber in their normal stance. They do not like any kind of nonsense attitude and are always deft and efficient in disposing their duties. They laugh less and give cold vibes towards those whom they dislike. They like to lead a simple life and never act ostentatious in their nature. They remain mentally agile and are steadfast in whatever they do.

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Men who like green hue are very restless and impatient in their attitude. They often act irresponsibly and prefer newest things around them always. Nature wise, they are large hearted and very generous. They do not worry about minor nuances of life and keep a balanced attitude. They believe in bearing their own weight and avoid being dependent on others.

Women who love green color often act brilliantly during demanding situations. They possess a gift of gab and often spend hours and hours talking to their friends on phone. They have a quick and agile mind that helps them in taking prompt decision. They take deft decisions and believe in acting expediently. Although these women are brilliant and sharp in their grasping power but often get lazy at the time of real activity. They also have a negative trait of back biting.
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Men who love orange color always remain happy and good humored. Even if sometime they are not feeling in happy, they never lose their temper and always remain courteous towards others. These men are very fond of children and kids. They avoid getting indulged in frivolous quarrels or arguments. They friend circle is not very vast but whatever friends they have, they are steadfast and committed.

Women loving orange tinge are very warm and pleasant on their nature. They are amiable and friendly towards one and all. They maintain cordial relations within their family as well as friends circle. They have limited number of friends but every friend of them is very loyal. They are fond of making an exhibition of their assets but do not go far in that. They always play a fair game and never try to take someone else’s right


Men who like pink hue have very strong and sturdy mind, even stronger than their physique. They have very soft and sensitive heart that is sans any aggressiveness. In other words, these men can be called as timorous. They have a soft voice and always speak in a polite style. They often get nervous and jittery in demanding situations and want continuous reassurance.

Women liking pink color remain happy and gay always. They are of good and helping nature without any traces of any kind of unhappiness. These women show high level of responsibility and take accountability of every action or decision they take. They never speak loud or shout in front of others. They can be certainly called timid or shy but never as depressed individuals.


Men preferring purple shade believe in leading royal lifestyle. Their choice of food, clothes, hobbies and other things are always full of aristocracy. They nurture innate desire to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle that is full of exotic foods, designer dresses, luxurious vacations and many other loud gestures. Although these people are capable of performing to their optimum but often become lethargic in their activities. Their introvert attitude towards others makes them not so very popular. These men are also likely to get into heavy debts because of their inactive attitude.

Women who like to adorn purple color in one way or the other are believed to be great lovers of luxurious and lavish lifestyle. They want to live always in cushy luxury and be in the positions and situations of power. They always draw others attention towards them and then enjoy the glory. These women are very ambitious and can go to any level in order to achieve what they want.


Men who like red color are very brave and daring. No danger can intimidate them. They often take rash decisions without giving a serious contemplation. They are known as daredevil amongst their family and friends. So fearless is their demeanor that no hindrance makes them affected. Their impatience and edginess often causes trouble for these individuals. Their performances are never methodical or systematic.

Women loving red color are very fun loving and vivacious. They always remain happy and laugh a lot. Apart from happy-go-lucky personalities, these women are also short tempered with volatile manners. They always exude positive energy around them and love to lead their lives queen size. They are also great fighters and do not give up easily.


Men preferring yellow color are basically very shy and timid by nature. They have an innate desire to be close to nature and natural surroundings. They want people to appreciate them in whatever task they accomplish. They often overstress themselves needlessly and get trapped in mental turmoil. They want to interact often but their introvert nature hinders their socializing.

Women who like yellow color love to gossipy within their peer group. They love discussing the life of others but hide their lives secretly. They love to interact with influential people and maintain an impressive social circle. They spend money with lots of deliberations and are helpful towards all. They helpful nature keeps them popular amongst close acquaintances’ circle.


Men who like white color are very loyal and trustworthy towards their partner. They seldom lose their temper even in critical situations. They are also very finicky towards hygiene matters and tolerate not even a speck of dust around them. They exude lot of generosity towards others and hence are very popular. They prefer spending their free time outdoors amidst pristine beauty of nature.

Those women, who like white color over other colors, are very pure and pristine at heart. They lead a virtuous life and believe in treating every individual with selfless dedication. They are very gentle in their demeanor and possess a kind attitude towards life. They do not mingle easily with others. They make limited and ever lasting. Their dealings with their professional associates are very fair and justified.



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