Fruit Astrology 


Those who like apple most out of other fruits are believed to be very impulsive and quick to temper. They spend extravagantly and very frank and outspoken while even talking to a stranger. Apple lovers are excellent organizers and handle all situations deftly where they are told to lead and organize the things. Whatever the situation be, such people always look at the positive aspect and believe in always taking themselves upwards. They also are able to take deft and prompt decisions even in the emergency situations. They love to be outdoors and spend most of their time in traveling. The friends and acquaintances of apple lovers fund them charming and amiable. They lead their lives with great enthusiasm and with lots of positive feelings.
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If you are the ones who love to gorge on bananas, you must be a soft hearted and very sensitive at heart. Your loving nature, gentle demeanor and sympathizing nature certainly keeps your well liked amongst your friends and family members. People who like the banana fruit are not good decision makers and often take a back seat when they are asked to take some decision. In other words they are very apprehensive and hesitant when asked to decide over some thing. Banana lovers must stay aware of such mean and selfish persons who often take advantage of the timid ness and shy nature.

Black Grapes:

Those who love to devour Black Grapes are very polite and courteous persons. But often they are also known for their sudden outburst of temper that not just gains momentum suddenly but also settles down as quickly too. They revere beayty and beautiful things in all their forms. They are very popular and well loved amidst any kind of company. People of all age and groups love to talk and interact with them. Their gregarious nature keeps them popular amidst large gathering and get together. The lovers of Black grapes believe in enjoying their lives to the hilt and lead a wonderful and a zestful life that gets highlighted through their life style and every day preferences. The people around them always enjoy due to the zeal and excitement that gets exuded by them.


Those who have cherry as their favorite fruit often complain that their life is not a bed of roses for them. They often experience plenty of hassles in their day to day life. Even there are many instances of professional ups & downs that cheery lovers face in their life. Often it has been seen that these people find great difficulty in finding professional success easily. They try their best to earn big bulk of money but often land up earning small amount of money only. These people also have great potential of hidden creativity and wonderful imaginative nature. Their imagination and creativity make them stand apart even in crowd. These natives also prove themselves to be very loyal and sincere in their relationships. Although they do not express their thoughts and feelings easily but still are very loyal to their partners. They are very close to their families and love to spend their time within the comforts of their homes.


Those who love to eat coconut fruits have a serious and a thoughtful demeanor. They always take their decisions after great considerations and meticulous thinking. They never accomplish any work of theirs without contemplating it to its greatest details. They love to socialize and interact with people around them but are extremely choosy about the kind of company that they would prefer to keep. During certain situations they often behave with great stubborn ness and do not give in easily. Although the lovers of Coconut fruit often behave obstinately but they are certainly not reckless or hasty. They are also jovial by nature and always remain alert and agile. Their aspirations are pretty high and they always want to be at the top in any of the situation, more preferably in their professional. Such people love to interact with people that are like them and think like them over same lines and thoughts. They always look for such people who would gel with them wonderfully especially with those who relate with you on intellectual level.
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Custard Apple:

Those individuals who love to devour Custard Apple are basically unpretentious and conservative by nature. At times they become over sensitive and get affected by even a slightest issue. These individual put in great deal of thoughtfulness and meticulous consideration and never take up any things or issue in a haste. They are never seen in great rush or hurry. They are quite ambitious and strive to scale greater heights. They love to do intricate calculations and are very good at; and are good at mathematical problems. Individual who love to eat Custard Apple also are finicky about slight detailing and sometimes create fuss by finding menial faults. They consider the intelligence and a mental ingenuity more important than mere looks or appearance of the person. These persons are quite shy by nature and remain reserved. They are not at all comfortable when they are expected to exhibit their feelings and emotions.


Those individuals who love to enjoy eating the fruit of mango have strong and sturdy nature. These individuals are not very easy to be influenced or convinced. Once they decide over any of the opinion it is really difficult to steer them away from that point of view. It can be said in other words that Mango lovers are quite revolutionary and staunch in their ideas and opinions. They also possess inherent traits of leadership and always want to lead the group as their commands. They also love to solve tricky puzzles and jargons that require a great deal of mental skill. They love to rake their brains by indulging in twisty and mentally challenging issues. Inspite of these traits, they are very submissive and very loving when they spend their private moments with their partners. They remain strong willed and even obstinate at times for the outer world, but are very loving and giving for their family and friends.


The individuals who are great lovers of Orange fruit are gifted with unique traits of extreme will power as well as lots of patience. They take up all kinds of challenges with patience and accomplish all the tasks due to the dint of their will power. If orange is your favorite fruit; it speaks of a person who has enduring patience and willpower. They do all kind of allocated work to them at slow and steady pace and do not waver from their focus. They are not at all work shirkers and love to take new challenges always. They basic nature is quite introvert and at the same time very trustworthy. They prove out themselves to be reliable person in any kind of associations. They love to implore their creativity and possess aesthetic inclination of mind. In terms of relationships, these individuals prefer long lasting and dedicated associations with their partners. They avoid any kind of conflict and prefer to lead a peaceful life.


The individuals who have papaya as their favorite fruit are basically brave, fearless and undaunted in their attitude towards life. They remain pretty comfortable towards whatever situation life shows them. They accept every situation and circumstances happily in their stride. They undertake their every responsibility with cool mind and strong commitment. Plenty of considerations are poured into every project taken up by Papaya lovers. These individuals remain ever popular amidst their family and friends for their innate humor as well as because of their liberal nature. They also perform very well in their careers and professions thus staying in good books of their bosses. They are also good achievers and keep on striving hard to meet success in every situation. They follow the mantra of being at right place on the right time. They also exude plenty of charm thus resulting in plenty of sparks towards opposite genders.


The fans of peach fruit have great bohemian attitude towards their life. They enjoy life just like a lark and take every situation in a positive stride. Since they themselves are good at heart they see all the goodness around them. They are very friendly and pleasant in their demeanor. They are also very quick to reply and retort back. They do not believe in keeping their thoughts and opinions hidden from the world. They are also very charming and ever smiling. Their charm further gets heightened by their quick wit and excellent sense of humor. They also have a big heart and do not keep any malicious thoughts in their hearts for very long. They not just forget easily but forgive also quickly. They value their friends and their friendship upto a great deal and keep their friends in a high esteem. They want to be always independent and not be burden over any one. They ambition is a propeller for them that takes them far ahead


The individuals who love to gorge of Pear have great enthusiasm indeed but they are not able to sustain it for a lo nger and later period of time. They start their work with upbeat state of mind but often loose the enthusiastic steam gradually. This fickle minded attitude of these individuals makes them drift far away from their goal. This also results in incomplete task by the time it comes to its later stage. These individuals also love to keep themselves busy in intelligent and mind rattling discussions. The intellectual inspiration keeps them mentally agile and active. There are slight traces of restlessness and impatience in them thus making them volatile and excitable very often. Keeping true to their restless traits, these individuals also find great difficulty in maintaining their friendship for longer duration. They do make friends and socialize with them often but are unable to upkeep their friendship for very long.


Those who love to eat Pineapple fruit are very agile personalities, both mentally as well as physically. They take no more than a jiffy to come to any kind of decision. Furthermore, they waste no time in taking the relevant action over their decisions. They are brave and take bold decisions where their life is concerned. They do not shy away from any kind of changes however drastic it may be. They consider all the aspect of any of the situation and then try to steer it towards their own benefit. They also possess remarkable ability to organize things and be a manager of great abilities. They want to always remain independent and self reliant without being a cause of concern to someone else. Their every dealing is very honest and candid to the core. The friends and the friendship for these individuals are matters of life time and for ever. They have enduring relationships with their friends that remain unswerving throughout their life.



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