About Astrology 

Astrology is a glorious science. It interprets the spiritual energy taking form here on Earth. Each of the Vedic sciences, in one way or another, interpret this spiritual energy. In the east it is understood that we are all spiritual beings first, then we can incarnate with the body and the psychology in order to evolve toward perfection. All suffering is simply an expression of limitation. The deeper spiritual lessons of life are shown by the planets, astrology signs and astrology houses. In many ways, there is nothing that cannot be known through astrology if one is interested in finding the answer.

The role of astrology is to make one aware of the presence or absence of certain tendencies, and should be used as a tool for making better decisions. Ultimately, the purpose of astrology is self-knowledge, self-awareness and improvement.


About your Sun Sign

When people ask, "What's your sign?" they are referring to your Sun Sign. Your Sun Sign is where the Sun was positioned in the Zodiac on the exact date, time, and place that you were born. While the Sun's placement is only a very small part of your overall horoscope, it can tell us a lot about our character - what motivates us, our main personality traits, and our strengths and weaknesses. Once you know what makes your Sun Sign tick, reading your Daily, Monthly, and Yearly Horoscopes will be even more enjoyable!

About your Moon Sign

Your Moon sign represents the sign where planet Moon is located when you were born. This is also called your birth 'Rasi'. Your birth Star is the star through which Moon is passing at the time of your birth. Your Moon sign and birth star represent your mind, psychology and emotional stability.



Today's panchang

16 Aug 2022
  • Day:
  • Sun Rise:
    15:53:22 PM
  • Sun Set:
    5:35:44 AM
  • Tithi:
  • Nakshatra:
  • Yoga:
  • Lunar Month:
  • Rahu Kaal:02:10:04 - 03:52:51




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