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Top Ten Dream Horoscopes..

1. Faulty or lost items: your phone won't work, your car breaks down, or you can't find your husband.

2. Money: you received a windfall, or you lost your savings in the stock market.

3. You find yourself back in the classroom, or you've failed a test.

4. You or a loved one is ill or dying.

5. Being chased.

6. Teeth: you're smiling with nice, clean teeth, or your teeth are breaking off or forming cavities.

7. Nudity.

8. Falling, flying, or sinking.

9. Water.

10. Missing a boat, plane, bus, etc.


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16 Aug 2022
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  • Sun Rise:
    15:53:22 PM
  • Sun Set:
    5:35:44 AM
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  • Rahu Kaal:02:10:04 - 03:52:51
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