Article: Profession & Astrology 

Profession/career :

Profession/career plays a major role in an individual's life. It can be termed as a key aspect of one's life. Profession, where on one hand earns livelihood and ensures an individual's growth, there on the other hand it also strengthens the economy of a country.
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Breaking the traditional barriers of getting into the same mould as the ancestors were in, people now-a-days are on the hunt for a profession where they can set their own benchmarks. Not only in terms of income but also in terms of acquiring high status in the society and establishing a public image.
Normally the symptoms of a future profession/career are seen in a native since childhood and are seen reflecting in one's acts, hobbies, likes and dislikes.
These symptoms, though, do not point towards a specific vocation or profession but this could be a better hint for the parents to up-bring their children accordingly for choosing a profession. One act of a child may lead to a number of professions but the fact remains that ultimately one has to be in a single profession to progress in life and that it is very difficult to indicate or pin point.
In today's highly competitive world, a number of professions/careers have emerged due to advancement in Science, technology, sports, medicine, agriculture, education, media etc. making it more difficult for a native to choose a field to pursue his/her career in. A growing trend has been seen in people turning towards seeking Astrological consultation so that their birth charts/horoscope can be analysed, so as to get an opinion which may help them in deciding on a rewarding profession/career to get the desired results and inner satisfaction of being in a profession.
It has also been seen that a few people find themselves incompetent for a profession they are into. They had sought such profession/career only because either they were forced into it or circumstantially they had to choose that profession. At such juncture one wants to change to some other profession to fit into easily and put best efforts to get the maximum output. A large number of birth chart / horoscopes, which come for analysis are for deciding on a better and paying profession. The profession in a horoscope can be seen through various combinations and placements of planets, such as the ascendant lord (governing the native's capability interaction, vitality), 2nd house lord (status and accumulated wealth), 3rd house lord (the house of learning, initiative and communication), 5th house lord (intellect and speculative gains), 6th house lord ( financial stability and debts), 7th house lord (partnership and foreign tours), 8th house lord (gains and obstacles), 9th house lord (fortunes and short journeys), 10th house lord (the house of profession), 11th house lord (income and gains), 12th house lord (losses and relation with foreign land) in different houses and their strengths and weaknesses and their combined effect. The running mahadashas and sub dashas play a vital role.
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A lot of research work has been done to examine and determine the past, present and forthcoming problems in profession in thousands of horoscopes and the work has shown telling results also. A number of people have benefited through this work in choosing between various available professions/career and even changing of professions in mid way of some other profession by strengthening of planets through remedial measures.



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